Physician Interviewing Resources and Practice Evaluation

March 26th, 2013 1 Min read Physician Interviewing Resources and Practice Evaluation Blog
Last year, our resident Freud, Johnna, did a series on best practices and advice for physicians embarking on the job search journey. This is the second round-up of our "Best of Freud's Insights." We follow the personal brand discussion with two posts on interviewing: Freud's Insights on your personal brand and your interview - Part I A big point here is the feeling-out process of any first interview, especially if done over the telephone. Johnna writes: "The candidate and client have a conversation to see if there is enough mutual interest to meet. It is not a time to start negotiating." If all goes well here, then it's time to get ready for an on-site visit. Due to the possibly complex nature of on-site visits, don't underestimate your overall behavior and appearance in and around the facility. "Although the 'official interview' may be with a medical director or group partner, the staff is also watching you and sometimes provides input," Johnna notes. Freud's Insights on your personal brand and your interview - Part 2 You've prepared to get the interview and get to the site, and your attire is set. Now think about the key moments of truth, almost all of which come from the questions asked of you -- and even asked by you. Freud's Insights on evaluating new physician job opportunities "How to select the job that is right for you." It's a great problem to have several offers to choose from, right? Johnna's three-step process includes listening to your gut feelings, being realistic on your criteria, and even using a formal practice evaluation worksheet. Our next recap will focus on confidentiality during job searches, and the practice of checking your own references.