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June 28th, 2012 2 Min read Physician Job Interviews Via Webcam - Freud's Insights Blog
Was there ever a time when you dreamed of being a television star? Maybe yes...maybe no. Regardless of your answer, twenty-first century technologies allow interviews to be conducted multiple ways, including via webcam or Skype. In some ways, this is like being on television for an interview, except you are using a laptop. You may recall that in one of my earlier blogs on interviewing, I recommended that candidates prepare for interviews, regardless of format. This is important whether it is a phone interview, personal site visit or webcam interview. While many initial interviews are conducted by telephone, webcam interviews are growing in popularity as an alternative to the initial phone interview or as a methodology for interviews that are conducted between an initial phone interview and an on-site visit. The predominant similarity between a telephone interview and a webcam or Skype interview is that the candidate and prospective employer are not in the same physical location, but rather are connected through technology. However, because visual imagery is involved in a webcam interview, some preparation for this kind of interview is similar to preparation for an in-person interview. For example, dress as you would for a personal interview because you are visible to your prospective employer throughout the interview. But there are a few more factors other than the questions you may be asked, questions you may ask, and how to dress that require consideration for a webcam interview. For example, try a practice run with a friend to ensure you are familiar with the technology that will be used. Skype is used often for webcam interviews. Also evaluate the environment where you plan to conduct the interview to minimize distractions and make you shine. Consider conducting it in a quiet area, even at home. If your home office happens to be your bedroom or kitchen, position your laptop so things like your bed or dirty dishes are not in view to the prospective employer. Make sure the background is not too busy, noisy or bright. And position yourself far away enough from the camera on your laptop and at an angle so that you appear most flattering to the person watching you. For more information about how to prepare for a webcam or Skype interview, check out the CompHealth resource, "A Candidate's Guide to Skype." And, as always, my colleagues and I are here to help you.