Quality Assurance Means We Listen To Your Feedback

August 11th, 2012 2 Min read Quality Assurance Means We Listen To Your Feedback Blog
Every month at CompHealth locum tenens, we review our customer feedback for the prior month. In addition to the lessons we learn from this feedback and process improvements we make, we often find opportunities to improve our communication with our customers. In this past month's review, one of our customers wrote, "After hours staff availability could be better. There are so many different people involved in the dispatchment of the physician that it makes it rather difficult to know who to contact for which particular issue." I was a little surprised to see this specific comment because at CompHealth locum tenens, we pride ourselves on being the most responsive locum tenens agency before, during, and after hours. In the same month's review I read multiple comments with the opposite feedback: "Jenny Garcia is always available and responsive," "Great communication and availability," and "I am always able to reach my consultant outside working hours" were just a few examples. Something I've learned over and over again as a leader is that not all people meaningfully receive information in the same way. Some important messages are only sent through channels not likely to be received. So while we make it a standard process to send our after hours contact information to each provider at the beginning of each engagement, we missed an opportunity to clearly communicate the value and process to this provider in a way that best worked for him. We will continue to be mindful of communicating with our customers several times in multiple different ways. While this might seem a little over done to some, we want to make sure we get it right and each customer has an outstanding experience. Turning feedback into action is a priority for CompHealth locum tenens. In the future we will continue to provide our contact card to each provider before every engagement and follow up with a telephone conversation. We will also include the after hours contact information to the client contact at each facility. In addition, here is my offer of one additional avenue of communication: You can reach a CompHealth representative, our travel service, or our risk management team 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To contact a CompHealth representative in your specialty right now, please dial 800.453.3030. Tell us other ways we can continue to improve your experience. I look forward to hearing from you.