Refreshing Your CV

December 24th, 2010 1 Min read Refreshing Your CV Blog
Keeping your CV up-to-date is critical knowing that employers often reconstruct a timeline of your career. Your CV is the perfect place to catalog information with new skills, additional education and certifications, work experience, and training on new technology and procedures. For expert advice, access our e-book, Get Noticed in 15 Seconds, the best tool available from subject matter authority, E. Chandlee Bryan. Account for everything and be mindful of gaps Employers want to know where and how you’ve spent your time. It’s easier for you to get credentialed by a hiring manager or agency if everything is place and documented. Maintain accurate records and keep a list of key contacts who can verify your employment, your training, your community service, and other career milestones. Each time you review your CV, address many of the following sections and update in reverse chronological order. For a complete list, see our blog post "Creating an Effective CV."
  • Education and training
  • Work history
  • Certifications
  • Licenses and DEA registration
  • Professional memberships
  • Publications (optional)
Remember that resumes have page limits; CVs do not. Most CVs however should not exceed 4-6 pages in length. See a sample CV. Customizing your CV and cover letter The information you provide in your CV shows a potential employer your fit for a position. It is important that your skills, training and work experience aligns “in practice.” When you are updating your CV, remember to also update your cover letter. Your cover letter is your opportunity to put your skills and experience in context. Provide real-life examples of your experience and show how those experiences make you a desirable addition to the facility. And as always, proofread original content and your updates. If you have questions about writing your CV, contact a CompHealth representative, who can advise you about what to include and how to present the best features of your career.