Relocation Checklist for Physicians Preparing to Move

December 24th, 2012 1 Min read Relocation Checklist for Physicians Preparing to Move Blog
Download PDF Relocation can be stressful, especially if a new medical career is mixed into the equation. Preparation is the key. In evaluating new communities and homes, ask your new coworkers where they live and how they feel about it. Chat with some of your potential neighbors to get their impressions of the neighborhood. Plus, it’s a great idea to develop a list of “musts” for your new home or rental, along with other nice-but-not essential features. Here are a few samples from CompHealth’s relocation checklist that can help to ensure you enjoy a smooth move:
  • Four to six weeks out:  Consider using light fixtures, custom draperies, appliances, etc., as sale negotiation tools, rather than moving them.
  • Two to four weeks out: Notify service providers of your move (newspaper, cleaning services, landscapers, etc.).
  • One week out: Return borrowed goods, rental DVDs, and library books
  • One day out: Pack a survival kit for the first day in the new home (disposable plates, bed linens and toiletries).
  • Move-out day: Leave keys with your real estate agent or rental manager.
  • Move-in day: Unpack your survival kit so you’re more comfortable.
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