Schedule freedom keeps doctor working locum tenens

September 5th, 2018 2 Min read Schedule freedom keeps doctor working locum tenens Blog
Luck may have led Dr. Baraa Alrazzak to CompHealth, but schedule freedom is why he stays. He thought that when he finished his fellowship, he’d get hired where he was and work in a typical position — but when it didn’t work out, a colleague connected him with a recruiter at CompHealth, and he says it was one of the “best decisions” of his life.

Balancing family and work

Working with CompHealth as a locum tenens doctor has given Dr. Alrazzak freedom in many ways. Originally from Syria, family is an important theme in his life. His wife and two young daughters frequently travel with him, and he credits his CompHealth recruiter, Shandy Molder, for making them all feel at home wherever they go. He and his wife consider Shandy part of the family. They appreciate that she calls to check in, “How is your wife doing? How is your kid doing?” Shandy makes sure they have comfortable accommodations and that Dr. Alrazzak can enjoy time with his family when he’s working on assignment. He feels free to travel to new locations without ever feeling alone. “I feel really connected with you, part of the family, and that actually means a lot for me and my family,” he says.

Freedom of extra income

Dr. Alrazzak’s locum tenens role has also given him — and his family — another important freedom. Generating extra income from a locum tenens position helped him support his wife and daughters during his fellowship, and he credits it with saving his “family's life in Syria.” His father owned a small company in Syria that had to close down. With two siblings in medical school, money was tight and stress was difficult. Dr. Alrazzak was able to support his family in Syria, and he’s grateful that they are now here in the United States with him. Not surprisingly, Dr. Alrazzak loves visiting new places and meeting new people as part of his job. Traveling with CompHealth gives him the freedom to do that, and he recommends it to residents and other physicians who might be looking for a better schedule. “You have the ability to arrange your schedule the way you like,” he says."You have the ability to visit other places, meet new people, and make extra income. There are a lot of advantages." CompHealth can provide you with the schedule freedom to balance your work and family life in a way that’s right for you. Give us a call at 800.453.3030 or view today's job opportunities.


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