10 states that need more healthcare workers today

July 10th, 2018 11 Min read 10 states that need more healthcare workers today Blog

Workforce shortages can lead to new opportunities for healthcare professionals — we’ve identified ten states that have a wide range of job openings in healthcare right now (and why you should consider them)

The United States is facing a shortage of healthcare workers. A physician shortfall of more than 100,000 doctors will result by 2030 because of the high number of physicians nearing retirement age. Combine that with higher demand than supply in nursing, home health, and other specialties, and hundreds of thousands of positions will remain unfilled over the next decade. The flip side: there are many opportunities for experienced healthcare professionals who are looking to make a change with a new permanent position or a locum tenens assignment. So which states are brimming with healthcare opportunities right now?

10. Indiana

Locum tenens opportunities in Indiana

Why Indiana is a great place

You might be surprised to learn that Indianapolis was #3 on another list: Travel + Leisure’s “Underrated American Hometowns.” With green spaces, museums, and concerts, there’s no excuse for boredom in this state.

Why Indiana is great for healthcare professionals

On the other hand, Indianans need your help! Heart disease, cancer, and stroke represent the top three causes of death in Indiana. Highly trained healthcare professionals are in high-demand in the Hoosier state.

9. North Carolina

Locum tenens opportunities in North Carolina

Why North Carolina is a great place

More than 40 state parks dot North Carolina’s parks and rec website, so if you’re a fan of the great outdoors, there’s no shortage of trails and nature here. Prefer cities? Coast? As the sixth-most-visited, the "Tar Heel State" boasts it all.

Why North Carolina is great for healthcare professionals

Unfortunately, North Carolina’s uninsured rate is among the highest in the nation at nearly 16%, meaning many people delay treatment and are at risk for worse outcomes. So your talents as a healthcare professional can make a big difference in individual lives.

8. Washington

Locum tenens opportunities in Washington State

Why Washington is a great place

Nicknamed “The Evergreen State,” Washington is a stunning mix of city life and Pacific Northwest natural beauty. Your legs will thank you and your heart will grow a size as you take in the scenery of Mt. Rainier or soak in Sol Duc Hot Springs.

Why Washington is great for healthcare professionals

Using the three broad benchmarks of access to care, quality of care, and overall public health, U.S. News ranked Washington #2 on their list of “Best States for Health Care.” Could there be a better place to hone your skills?

7. Wisconsin

Locum tenens opportunities in Wisconsin

Why Wisconsin is a great place

Wisconsin is much more than the swiss cheese capital of the world — it's renowned for its natural beauty and abundant resources. Plus, Wisconsinites are known for being welcoming to friends and strangers alike!

Why Wisconsin is great for healthcare professionals

Wisconsin ranks above the national average in key measures of state population health, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), so this state presents a great opportunity to help healthy people stay healthy!

6. Illinois

Locum tenens opportunities in Chicago

Why Illinois is a great place

It’s not difficult to find reasons to enjoy the Prairie State. From Chicago's  award-winning restaurants, art museums, sporting events, concerts, architecture, and shopping, to its beautiful and welcoming rural towns, Illinois is a great place to live and visit.

Why Illinois is great for healthcare professionals

Illinois also has one of the largest nursing populations, with more than 225,000 professionally active nurses (RNs and LPNs), so it's a great place to practice healthcare too!

5. Arizona

Locum tenens opportunities in Arizona

Why Arizona is a great place

If year-round sunshine isn’t enough of a reason to visit Arizona, ditch the flip flops for hiking shoes, or even don skis at higher elevations. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

Why Arizona is great for healthcare professionals

Arizona also struggles with a high uninsured rate, 3rd behind Alaska and Texas, according to the KFF 2018. Great healthcare professionals like you are definitely needed here.

4. Texas

Locum tenens opportunities in Austin Texas

Why Texas is a great place

In 19th-century shorthand, GTT meant Gone to Texas. Now it’s the second-most populous state in the country. In Texas, you can enjoy beaches, cities, woods, plains, and prairies.

Why Texas is great for healthcare professionals

At 403, Texas has more hospitals than any other state, providing ample opportunity for healthcare workers to learn and contribute to the health of the Lone Star State.

3. Pennsylvania

Locum tenens opportunities in Pennsylvania

Why Pennsylvania is a great place

American history lovers will find plenty to relish in Philly, the birthplace of the United States. See the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum.

Why Pennsylvania is great for healthcare professionals

The Perelman School of Medicine is home to countless studies, research centers, and institutes of learning and offers opportunities for CME/CNE activities.

2. New York

Locum tenens opportunities in New York State

Why New York is a great place

Millions around the world have been inspired to see New York City. But the state itself is large and diverse, from charming small towns to wineries in Hudson Valley.

Why New York is great for healthcare professionals

Healthcare is a priority in New York. Each year, the New York Academy of Medicine awards more than $400,000 in grants and fellowships to those supporting the advancement of health care studies.

1. California

Locum tenens opportunities in California

Why California is a great place

From the beloved Golden Gate bridge in the north to the tourist-filled theme parks of the south, the Golden State cannot be summed up in a sentence, but perhaps there is one word: sunshine.

Why California is great for healthcare professionals

When it comes to numbers of physicians, California easily leads the pack with more than 108,000 primary care and specialty physicians. California has high demand both for permanent and temporary positions in all healthcare specialties. Haven't found that perfect opportunity yet? You can also search by profession, specialty, state, or region, to find the position that’s right for you.


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