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Employee Engagement: How to Navigate Competition and Attract Talent

October 20th, 2011 It’s hard to find the right person to fill a position. Once you do and convince him or her to join your team, your job really begins. Now you have to keep your new employee, and that is no easy task. Today, people are more likely to take a risk and leave their current job in pursuit of something more, something better than in years past. Keeping employees engaged in their job and with your organization is not something that happens because a manager says it has to. It requires the participation of each person within your facility, and it can start with anyone.

Essential Components of Employee Engagement

August 6th, 2010 The idea of engagement did not simply spring from a noble management effort to ensure employees were happy. It arose from the need for increased productivity—the ability to get greater output from effort. As competition increased following World War II, companies realized that they could better ensure levels of productivity by retaining and getting the most from their labor force. But one significant difference came to the forefront that did not exist previously. Employees now had choices. Contrary to what much of the previous generation experienced, many employees could now choose to leave an organization for more favorable work. Under these conditions, managers became more focused on employees as a way to increase the bottom line.