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Tag - leadership

Strengthen your team through servant leadership

June 19th, 2019 As an approach to leading people, servant leadership demands extra attention, but in the long run your team will deliver better results.
Tag - leadership

How a formal mentoring program can serve your people and your organization

December 12th, 2018 A healthy mentoring relationship can strengthen both organizations and individuals by increasing accountability and fostering career growth.

Why Culture Is Important to Job Seekers

February 1st, 2016 Culture is a corporate buzzword that is talked about everywhere these days — and for good reason. Organizations that cultivate and nourish great company cultures enjoy significantly lower turnover and better financial performance, something CompHealth has experienced firsthand.

How Surfing Can Make You Better at Your Job

December 10th, 2015 In surfing, there are no do-overs. If it’s your turn to ride and Mother Nature decides to withhold a wave, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Sometimes in our jobs, we get a raw deal. A great employee leaves or a business deal falls through. When that happens, you just need to wait for the next wave. No one ever got anywhere by giving up.

Stop Making Your Team Read Your Mind: How to Set Clear Expectations

August 26th, 2015 The majority of workplace conflicts, poor performance issues and employee turnover can be narrowed down to one thing: a lack of clear expectations. Leaders who excel at effectively communicating expectations to their team members create a positive work environment and help employees reach their full potential.