Why is it Taking So Long to Get My Locum Tenens Assignment?

November 24th, 2014 2 Min read Why is it Taking So Long to Get My Locum Tenens Assignment? Blog
waiting_300Your CompHealth representative just called to tell you your CV was passed over. When you asked why, he responded, “They decided to hire a local candidate.” This scenario may have left you wanting more. Why did your CV get passed over? You made yourself available and you had the skills to match the job description. So why didn’t they want you? The truth is that sometimes it takes multiple attempts to be selected to work as a locum tenens physician. It may be somewhat discouraging to be rejected multiple times, so knowing some of the dynamics that go into the selection process is helpful. A locum physician is not a member of the “B-team” There’s no “B-team” in the facilities we staff. Every physician working on staff, whether locum or permanent, must be top-notch. With such an eye on quality, every aspect of a physician’s background, training, and references are scrutinized. Many facilities ask for a summary of references or at least some indication of how the physician we represent communicates, adapts, and gets along with others. Our clients’ goal is to find someone they can trust, which requires a combination of both clinical and interpersonal skills. They want to know that if they bring in a locum physician, their patients will feel safe and comfortable with her and she can work constructively and professionally with the staff. Credentialing and selecting doctors who meet quality standards The healthcare clients we work with are careful about maintaining a high-quality standard of care. Many report that they must follow strict bylaws for proper credentials as they select physicians. This means that board certifications and licenses must be up to date, and this often includes ACLS and BLS certifications. Even if a physician has years of experience and is technically proficient in the requested skills, if he lacks the certifications, he will be passed over. These facilities stand by their requirements. Matching physicians with a client’s standards Matching a physician is not always a process of working through a checklist. Even with the right certifications and skills, it may not be obvious why a client passed on a specific doctor. A client may be looking at the budget, or they may be questioning a malpractice case. They may be looking for someone who lives within driving distance or is already licensed in their state. The most important way to develop a match is to ask your representative good questions and offer as much pertinent information as possible. Frustration and disappointment can be tempered by a strong relationship with your representative. An open dialogue may bring some important reasons you’re not winning the job to light. With this information, you can work on converting those weaknesses into strengths so you can secure the best locum tenens jobs.