Traveling a ‘rewarding challenge’ for occupational therapist

July 16th, 2018 2 Min read Traveling a ‘rewarding challenge’ for occupational therapist Blog
Samantha Ameteis first learned about traveling when she was still in school training to be an occupational therapist. “I'm so glad I decided to give it a try,” she says. “I feel it's helped me grow as a clinician.” Samantha has been working as a travel OT for about six months. Her first assignment was doing acute care in New Mexico. She really enjoyed the experience, and it influenced her desire to keep working as a travel OT. “The staff was awesome and very supportive toward travelers, and the location was great for hiking and exploring,” she says. Spending time outdoors is one of her passions. “I love to be outside. Hiking, biking, and walking my dogs are some of my favorite ways to spend time.” She also enjoys yoga and finds time to practice it daily. Samantha describes working as a travel OT as a “rewarding challenge” — not only acclimating to new facilities but having the opportunity to contribute to and learn from the therapy teams she’s working with. She has also enjoyed being introduced to new people and different cultures. “My assignments have been across the country from my home, which has been a new experience for me,” she says. “I've enjoyed the experience of living in completely different parts of the country.” Travel OT Samantha Ameteis Because she travels with her husband, Samantha has a built-in companion, but that hasn’t stopped her from making new friends, especially among other travelers who are looking for people to hang out with. “I've found coworkers that like to do the same things I do, which makes it easier.” Samantha is glad she chose CompHealth when she decided to try traveling. “I spoke with multiple companies, and I found CompHealth to be the most personable, honest, and knowledgeable. The focus was less on marketing themselves and more on talking to me and listening to my goals for traveling. “ Her advice for other OTs who are thinking about traveling? “Be flexible! Also, no matter how much you think you have pared down, you're still bringing too much stuff.” Are you ready to try working as a travel therapist? Check out the latest travel OT openings or call 800.453.3030.


Gerry Carpenter

Gerry Carpenter

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