Using Twitter to Stay Informed - Digital Doctors Part 2

April 26th, 2012 1 Min read Using Twitter to Stay Informed - Digital Doctors Part 2 Blog
As a self-proclaimed techie geek, I am always fascinated by the exploration of using the latest and greatest technology for quality-of-life improvement. My last blog on the use of healthcare apps introduced a concept that could help enhance doctor/patient relationships by using the app platform to encourage and facilitate communication and information sharing. This morning, I ran across this tweet from KevinMD (@kevinmd): "Eventually in healthcare, there will be an app for that" In the post, guest blogger Mark W. Browne, MD (@consultdoc) elaborates on the concept of the healthcare app - specifically in regards to hospitalized patients - and presents real-life, pragmatic scenarios in which the app could help enhance the patient's experience and help to make hospital communication more efficient. Dr. Browne also mentions the shift in culture that would need to happen in order to move in this direction. Would you support a more technology-based, less "hands-on" hospital experience if it meant more efficient processes, more accurate, real-time information and instructions, and more insight into administrative and support functions? Stay connected. Stay informed. And check back for updates from me on the most sizzling of healthcare topics. Happy tweeting! @comphealth