Video: Balancing Locum Tenens with Family Life

May 29th, 2015 2 Min read Video: Balancing Locum Tenens with Family Life Blog
There was a time when the the majority of locum tenens docs were older physicians, nearing the end of their careers. Not anymore. Today, physicians of all ages and career phases use locum tenens to find more balance in their lives. In this video, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Harmych shares how locum tenens assignments allow him to get a new practice off the ground and also spend more time with his wife and boys. “Even with young children, locum tenens allows me to balance the family life between the work life,” Dr. Harmych says. “CompHealth has been very flexible in working with the clients on the other end to have that flexibility to arrange assignments around family gatherings.”

Being More Present at Home

Many CompHealth physicians use locum tenens as a way to create more time with their families. For instance, Dr. Tina Passalaris says her life as a full-time oncologist left her feeling more like a visitor in her home life. “I was absent from my kids’ lives. I didn’t go to school plays, and it was uncanny how often I would be on call during the most important nights,” Dr. Passalaris recalls in this blog post. “I was late to absolutely everything, an unreliable member of the family. There’s only so much of that your family can take.” To remedy the problem, she quit her full-time job and used locum tenens assignments to balance practicing medicine with being a full-time participant in her children’s’ lives.

Taking the Family on Assignments

Hospitalist Dr. John Thieszen also discovered that working locum tenens gave him the flexibility to schedule more time with his family. “I’m able to have the flexibility with my full-time job to work locums and arrange my schedule in a way that allows us to have great trips and experiences as a family,” Dr. Thieszen shares. “We have the luxury of visiting places we never would have seen, eating at restaurants we normally wouldn’t have tried and enjoying outdoor activities.” Learn more about how Dr. Thieszen uses part-time locum tenens assignments to improve his home life and his full-time job in this blog post.


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