VIDEO: How Locum Tenens Allows this Pediatrician to Connect with Patients

November 11th, 2015 1 Min read VIDEO: How Locum Tenens Allows this Pediatrician to Connect with Patients Blog
[su_youtube url=""] After 13 years as a high school teacher, Dr. Beverly Ricker quit her job and headed off to medical school. She had always been interested in medicine but as the mother of small children didn’t feel it was something she could do. Once her kids were older, she decided it was time to become a pediatrician. Locum tenens assignments have given Dr. Ricker and her husband the opportunity to travel, visit museums and see things they would otherwise never see. “I can take 10 weeks off in a year if I choose to,” says Dr. Ricker. “Or I can work a lot if I choose to, [locum tenens] is just a lot more enjoyable.” She also has found that locum tenens doesn’t lessen her opportunity to bond with patients. Since she largely deals with newborns, she is there for the patient at the moment they need her most. Over the years, she has even helped the same patients deliver different babies, as she often returns to the same facilities for assignments.

“I feel like I really connect with my patients, I can make a difference in their lives because they’re there and I’m there and I’m the doctor and they’re the patient and the fact that I might not be there next month doesn’t matter.”

Learn more about Dr. Ricker’s locum tenens story.


Chad Saley

Chad Saley

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