VIDEO: Why Work Past Retirement Age

June 26th, 2015 1 Min read VIDEO: Why Work Past Retirement Age Blog
The road to working locum tenens is different for every physician. For Dr. Norman Baron, the opportunity came along later than expected — after he’d passed retirement age. While he wasn’t ready to give up his career, Dr. Baron decided to make the switch to locum tenens when his son fell ill. “I noticed an opening, very close to where my son lives, and that opening hooked me up to CompHealth,” he explains in this video. The assignment allowed Dr. Baron to be there for his son. It also provided him an opportunity to experience working locum tenens and continue the dream he had from a very young age. He could not imagine walking away from what he loves most. “Sure, I could retire and say I’m going to pick up my carpentry hobby,” Dr. Baron shares. “I tried to do that, and I missed the intimate touch of being able to be part of someone’s life.” Interested in learning more about Dr. Baron’s journey? Read this blog post. For additional insight into how locum tenens can help you stay close to family, check out Dr. Harmych’s video.