What to expect from CompHealth in 2017

March 31st, 2017 3 Min read What to expect from CompHealth in 2017 Blog
After years of change resulting from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it looks like there will be more changes on the way. Though none of us knows what will happen with the ACA, there is a good chance that 2017 will be a year of uncertainty. Within the healthcare recruiting space, one thing is very clear. The shortage of healthcare providers isn’t letting up and the need for physicians continues to rise in almost every specialty. In fact, we are seeing the highest level of growth in demand for locum tenens and permanent physicians in a decade. As qualified talent becomes harder to find, it is important to have a staffing partner you can trust. We are continually refining our processes to make it easier for you to find providers to care for your patients. Here are a few of the things we’re focusing on this year to improve our partnership:

Streamlining points of contact

Rather than being generalists, the recruiters at CompHealth are specialty focused. We believe this uniquely positions us to network deep into a specialty to find the best provider for your team. However, this specialization often results in you getting a call from a lot of different people from CompHealth. This year, we’re taking steps to ensure you get both the best candidates and hassle-free service. As part of that effort, we have created a new customer experience team. This group of people is dedicated to understanding your feedback and helping drive improvement across the organization. You may reach out to Jason Call at 801.930.3182 to share any feedback you may have.

A smoother process

Last year, we rolled out an online time entry and approval system. This year, we’ll continue to improve that system and also make improvements to our invoicing processes.

A continued emphasis on quality and speed

While we’re working to improve our processes, we’re not losing sight of our top priority—providing you with the best providers. We’re paying a lot of attention to your quality evaluations to identify the top providers and streamlining our process to get them to you quicker.

More collaboration

We continue to look for more ways to get feedback from you. In addition to sending out surveys, we regularly host focus groups and one-on-one sessions with our clients. If you have ideas, suggestions, or even criticism, let us know so we can get better. In addition, if you are interested in attending one of our focus groups, please let your CompHealth representative know.

A new leader

I have recently taken on a new role within our organization as group president of CompHealth and Lisa Grabl is taking my spot as president of the locum tenens division at CompHealth. Lisa joined CompHealth in 2001 and has held roles in all areas of the company, most recently as senior vice president of sales. She is a fantastic leader and will work tirelessly to improve your experience with CompHealth. I wish we had a crystal ball to see what will happen with the Affordable Care Act and other healthcare legislation this year. Though we don’t have all the answers, you can rest assured that during uncertain times, CompHealth will continue to find ways to improve our service and value. This article is part of the CompHealth Quarterly Newsletter for those interested in healthcare staffing, click here to download the full newsletter or be added to our mailing list.