Why I Choose to Work Travel Physical Therapy Assignments - Kendra Harring

March 28th, 2014 1 Min read Why I Choose to Work Travel Physical Therapy Assignments - Kendra Harring Blog
kendra-harringKendra Harring decided to take her first travel assignment right after graduating physical therapy school. “I knew if I didn’t do it right away I’d become complacent and probably never do it,” she says. Though Kendra had heard it would be tough to find travel jobs, the opposite was true. Right away, she says, “I had a couple of great placements that allowed for more learning opportunities than one would expect from typical travel jobs.” Travel assignments also allowed her to see parts of the country she hadn’t seen before — while getting paid (“and getting paid well,” she adds). While Kendra's first assignment was tough, her following assignments have been great, she says. In Saginaw, Michigan, she really enjoyed the staff and was able to learn a lot about acute care from the fantastic weekend OTs, STs, and PTAs she worked with. “They were patient with me and made me laugh as we watched every show on Bravo at lunch time!” she says. Her first experience at a quick-paced acute care facility was in Georgia. There, each therapist had his or her own tech, which made treatment sessions quick but efficient. Work felt more like fun than a job, she says. Back in Michigan this past year, Kendra spent a lot of time helping out one of her favorite facilities in an outpatient (OP) setting while a few therapists were on maternity leave. Her favorite assignment so far has been in the Central Valley of California. It is part inpatient, which she loves, and part OP. (She’s starting to believe that maybe she could be a good OP therapist.) She loves the endless activities and sightseeing available on weekends. The biggest reason Kendra chose to make CompHealth her agency was the diversity of settings it offers. After graduating, she wasn't sure what field of physical therapy she was most interested in, but through the variety of settings CompHealth found for her, she has been able to determine her best fit. “I have no reason to settle down yet,” she says, “so I want to keep having a blast all around the U.S.!”