Working Locum Tenens Has An Upside for Residents

June 21st, 2012 1 Min read Working Locum Tenens Has An Upside for Residents Blog
As medical residents and fellows complete their schooling this month, they're carrying the pressure of transitioning from training to practice. Faced with job offers, new physicians will need to understand what practice type is right for them, as making the wrong career choice could be a costly mistake. Additionally, for the many that carry immense debt, facing financial uncertainties may be even more daunting. However, new doctors have a solution in locum tenens. CompHealth is the founder and leader in locum tenens, and our new survey of 1,000 physicians finds that many believe working as a locum tenens has strong benefits. The top three were:
  • Earn a supplemental income to offset student debt (55 percent)
  • Have a flexible schedule that allows a smoother transition in their personal life (44 percent)
  • Expand their experience in the medical field with a variety of new cases (26 percent)
You can see how these benefits really speak to the concerns of residents and fellows. However, the same benefits are often applicable to seasoned physicians — sometimes during life transitions or later in their career as locum tenens opportunities can offer the ability to travel or find a better work-life balance. Talk to one of our CompHealth specialty teams if you have questions about locums, or for information about our current locum tenens jobs.