You Should Always Have a Friend in the Biz

May 26th, 2011 2 Min read You Should Always Have a Friend in the Biz Blog
This is a guest blog post from Joanna Kires, Director, CompHealth Permanent Placement With all of the networking opportunities through social media and the multitude of job postings on the internet, you're probably wondering if you need a recruiter when seeking a career move. The feedback that I'm getting from job seekers is one of "overload." Having so much information on the internet is causing career confusion. Job seekers are finding it difficult to weed through all of the postings (and hype) to identify the jobs that truly fit their needs. This is where having a relationship with a good recruiter will definitely benefit you. Your recruiter friend in the business can help you sort through the clutter, look at the offerings objectively and make a solid career decision. Even if you are happy in your current position, you never know what the future will bring (hey, you could get a new boss that makes your life miserable)! While there are many reasons to use a recruiter, I feel that the top three are:
  1. Expertise: Recruiters are experts in their fields. They have years of experience and understand the current market conditions and salary trends. As recruiters work with employers throughout the United States, they have a real understanding of the big picture and can guide you with vital, life-changing decisions about the areas and jobs that match your needs.
  2. Coaching: While you may be an expert in your profession, interviewing is not something that you do every day (thank goodness). A recruiter will help you sound like the professional that you are. He or she knows what works in an interview and will coach you, provide job details and prepare you for both phone and on-site interviews. In today's competitive market, a little extra coaching will give you that extra advantage you need to obtain your dream job.
  3. Cost: It cost you nothing to use a recruiter, as the prospective employer pays the fees. As you will find, targeting employers that are willing to pay for search services is a big plus for you! These types of clients are also the clients that are most serious about finding the best possible match for their organization. You want to work for this kind of employer, as they are going the extra mile to obtain the best talent (you)!