What physicians can learn from working locum tenens

March 11th, 2020 3 Min read What physicians can learn from working locum tenens Blog

A Physicians Practice article shared 7 things doctors can learn by doing locum tenens from actual physicians who have worked locums. Here are their seven reasons why locum tenens is a win-win for doctors.

1. You can have more time

Dr. Arthi Chawla says the flexibility of locum tenens allows her to pursue what she loves most, international volunteer work. “If I want to take three months out of the year to volunteer in Central America,” she says, “I can do it.”

2. You can test out a new work environment

Dr. Chawla recalls a physician who worked locums “for six months as an assignment, loved it, and signed a permanent job with them,” testing out the opportunity before making a permanent commitment.

3. You can love medicine again

Dr. Rafael Marin says the flexibility of locums allows him to spend more time with his family and has given him back the ability “to fall in love again with what I was training for.”

4. You can figure out what you really want to do

Dr. Ravi Pujara recommends locums to determine one’s career path. “If you’re coming out of residency, and you don’t know if you want to do primary care or hospitalist or a combination of the two, it’s a great way to get your feet wet before you actually make the decision.”

5. You can become more independent

Dr. Tuan Vo says locum tenens assignments challenge you to “get out of your comfort zone” and become independent.

6. You can earn more

Dr. Tom Willson takes on locum tenens assignments as a way to supplement his income when his permanent position allows.

7. You can maintain your full skillset

Dr. Willson also says, “When I go on assignment, I’m seeing a larger, wider scope of practice and maintaining a skillset that I had learned as a resident.”

For more from these doctors, see the full article in Physicians Practice.

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