Dave Hill Promoted to SVP

January 3rd, 2017 1 Min read Dave Hill Promoted to SVP Blog
CompHealth's Dave Hill has been promoted to senior vice president of CompHealth locum tenens. Since joining CompHealth in 2003, Dave has grown from the role of client developer in hospitalist to senior leader. Most recently, he was named a vice president in May 2015. In addition to leading both sales and Business Partner teams, Dave has been the division leader responsible for the launch of several new reporting tools and standard processes that have been implemented throughout the division and across CHG.  Dave's success is also reflected in the people he works with. Not only did he launch and develop our first business resource and divisional finance teams, he has hired some amazing people who are taking these projects to the next level. Their collective strength has earned his teams some of the company's highest service effectiveness scores.

This expansion of our senior leadership team creates new opportunities for Dave to grow his talents and provides additional investment in our people through his dedicated leadership of our Business Partner teams, including the AC group, MSS, HP, LIC, LT payroll, Lean, BI and division finance. He will also be our divisional liaison with CHG finance, IT and CHG Lean teams.