What CompHealth does to ensure your safety while on assignment

February 3rd, 2021 2 Min read What CompHealth does to ensure your safety while on assignment Blog

When you work a locum tenens or travel assignment for CompHealth, your safety and well-being are our top priority. Here’s a brief summary of what we do to help ensure your safety while on assignment.

Travel and housing safety

Our travel partners (car rentals, airlines, hotels, and longer-term housing) are required to meet or exceed CDC guidelines. This includes clearly specified cleaning, sanitation, and distancing or contactless options.

Upon request, we can provide you with health & safety guides, including state-by-state guides of current restrictions and requirements.

COVID-19 vaccinations

The safety of our healthcare providers is one of our top priorities, and we strongly recommend providers receive a COVID-19 vaccination. For vaccine information and answers to frequently asked questions about vaccine availability, please see the following resource:

Healthcare providers and the COVID-19 vaccine – Frequently Asked Questions

What you can always expect

  • We have a highly experienced travel and housing team that is dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and seamless experience while on assignment. Our goal is to eliminate stress so you can focus on providing care to the communities you serve.
  • We always monitor our providers while on assignment for things like weather conditions, natural disasters, airport closures, and other potential disruptions to their travel.

Although we carefully vet our healthcare facility clients and their safety protocols, if an issue or concern arises while you are on assignment, contact your recruiter or call our emergency hotline at 800.453.3030.


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