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5 reasons to use the same staffing agency for permanent and locum tenens jobs

physicians in a group hired for permanent and temporary healthcare staffing

Searching for the right candidates to fill both permanent positions and locum tenens assignments can be challenging — which is why it pays to work with an agency that helps with everything. Here are five reasons to find one partner who can meet all your staffing needs.

1. You save time and money

“If you’ve got a great partnership with an agency, you can talk to just a few people versus multiple agencies who are sending candidates,” explains Mike Sievert, vice president of CompHealth’s locum tenens division. “You know you have a trusted partner with the resources, bandwidth, and experience.”

Mike says an agency offering both permanent and temporary healthcare staffing can save your organization both time and money.

“If an agency can help identify and get a physician hired and have them start 10 or 15 days sooner, any amount helps because those physicians are immediately generating revenue,” he says. “In the meantime, you’ve got the locums team filling the interim need so the community has a doctor in place while you’re waiting to make that permanent hire.”

2. Better communication and increased commitment

Patty Absey, physician recruitment manager for Sanford Health, says the Midwest-based healthcare system has worked with CompHealth for more than seven years. She explains that the more people you know in the company, the better, because you always have someone to call if you have a problem.

“You get to know the recruiters — not just on the professional level but also the personal. You know if they have dogs, just got married, or if they’re going on vacation, and they find out about you and your family,” Patty says. “Bringing the personal side in just deepens the commitment we have to each other. It’s almost like we’re working as a team — we’re on the same team, really.”

3. The staffing agency better understands your needs

Working in both permanent and temporary healthcare staffing gives recruiters better insights into what each hospital system really needs.

“The better the communication and the more the recruiter understands the facility’s needs — not only the clinical skills but also the culture — the more they understand what it’s like to live in that community,” Mike adds. “When we place a locum tenens doctor, we get a really good understanding of what it’s like from a physician’s perspective, not just a recruiter’s perspective.”

Patty recalls that Sanford Health began working with CompHealth initially to staff locum tenens physicians and then expanded to permanent physicians as well.

“When we found ourselves in need of a permanent placement firm, we already had a good relationship with CompHealth. It seemed like a natural thing to work with them for our perm placement because of the reputation they had within our own company,” Patty recalls. “You really have the opportunity to get to know the people in the company.”

4. The agency is more invested in your success

Patty notes that Sanford Health continues to work with CompHealth because the recruiters deliver the physicians they need.

“I have never worked with a firm that consistently delivers candidates like CompHealth does, even for our hard-to-place rural areas. The number one reason we stick with CompHealth is because they are so successful for us,” she says.

Mike says one of the reasons CompHealth can find and place the right doctors is that the company understands the facility and its needs.

“When problems do arise — because they always will — you have the trust that we’re going to work through this. You can pick up a phone and call CompHealth and say, ‘What happened?’ Your rep is going to be responsive, listen to what’s going on, and come back with a solution,” he says. “Having a staffing partner where you’ve invested the time, and they’re invested in your success makes all the difference in the world.”

5. You have a wider pool of candidates to draw from

Another possible benefit — if it’s the right fit for both parties — is when a locum tenens physician likes your facility so much they would accept an offer to stay on permanently. Having a wider pool of physicians interested in both temporary and permanent positions can only benefit your facility when you’re searching for the right candidate.

“When our physicians are working there, our permanent recruiters have a much better understanding of the facility and what it’s like to work there,” Mike says. “As we’re talking to candidates or potential candidates, this knowledge may open doors that otherwise would have been closed.”

If you’re struggling to find qualified healthcare professionals for your facility, Patty recommends forging a relationship with a good staffing firm and to keep searching until you find the right one.

“If they aren’t reaching out to you to learn more about the practice you’re trying to place for or not responding when you try to schedule time with them, move on and find another firm. Expect a placement company to discuss your practice, community, compensation and benefits, and ideal candidate,” she says. “The staffing company should be talking to the candidates about your specific practice in your specific location, so you don’t waste time. They should be willing to do the legwork, not just pitch you a name and a CV and be out until payday.”

Mike explains that the goal of the best staffing companies is make your life easier. “Find partners who can deliver for you and put your time and energy toward those.”

CompHealth can help with both your permanent and temporary healthcare staffing needs. Give us a call us at 855.900.2012 or complete the form below to get started.

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