What NPs, PAs, and allied providers say about CompHealth

February 12th, 2024 5 Min read What NPs, PAs, and allied providers say about CompHealth Blog

Many nurse practitioners, physician assistants, allied healthcare providers, and therapists turn to CompHealth to find fulfilling locum tenens work, travel assignments, and job placements. What makes CompHealth the brand these healthcare professionals turn to repeatedly? Here, our providers share their CompHealth reviews and what they’ve found that sets CompHealth apart from the rest.

Help not just finding a job — but the right community

“My recruiter listened to me, but she wasn’t pushy. She gave me a lot of options, and she didn’t overwhelm me with calls. She took what I was looking for in the area and did her research on it. It wasn’t just, ‘Here’s the interview. Go ahead.’ She took time to research different areas and how it personally would affect me — not just work-wise, but how I would be able to live in this new city.” - Elena Burpee, NP, found a job through CompHealth

Quote from NP about her CompHealth recruiter

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Jobs with excellent pay…

“When you work, you get paid for that work. If you work more than 40 hours, you get paid time and a half for that work. So, if you have a lighter week, that’s great, and you have more time to explore and do other things. If you have a heavier week, then you are rewarded for that extra work.”- Jason Raehl, PA, works locum tenens assignments with CompHealth

…and W-2 employment

“Most agencies pay their locum providers as 1099 contractors — however, a few pay NPs as W-2 employees, such as CompHealth. I prefer being a W-2 employee because I can receive benefits such as health insurance, 401(k) contributions, and CEU reimbursement. Also, my income taxes are taken out for me, so I do not have to worry about making quarterly tax payments.”- Sophia Khawly, NP, works locum tenens assignments with CompHealth

Quote from NP about working with CompHealth

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Personalized attention

“I absolutely love this company. I have the best recruiter, who is so personal and is always willing to go to bat for me. I swear it seems as though any issue I have, she will drop absolutely everything and immediately go above and beyond for me. Despite having many travelers, my recruiter makes you feel like you’re the only one she oversees. The rest of the team have all been very kind, helpful, and quick to serve! Couldn’t ask for a better company to work for!” - Billie Agan, physical therapy assistant, works travel assignments with CompHealth

Less overhead

“CHG’s licensing department has been a blessing. They’ve helped me stay on track with managing 13 licenses. If there was an issue with pay, the payroll staff was always quick and efficient to correct a mistake.”- Kristel C, occupational therapist, works travel assignments with CompHealth

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