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February 12th, 2024 5 Min read What physicians say about CompHealth Blog

For years, many physicians have chosen CompHealth to manage the important work of finding excellent work opportunities — from a permanent gig in their field of choice to finding assignments as a locum tenens provider. Tapping into CompHealth’s vast network of resources is just the beginning of what’s available for job seekers. Here, we share several physician reviews of CompHealth and why they’ve chosen to work with the staffing company when it comes to their careers.

Personalized advocacy

“CompHealth has been great to me. My recruiter strongly advocated for me and was passionate about working with and promoting me. I have enjoyed my assignments, which have enhanced my work satisfaction greatly, and in some cases, it felt like a vacation. I can't thank her or the organization enough.” - Dr. Rod Hojat, obstetrics/gynecology, works locum tenens assignments with CompHealth

Quote from Dr. Rod Hojat about his experience as a physician with CompHealth

“I’ve had such a wonderful experience with your company. I don’t know if I’d look at other places. For most physicians, staffing agencies can have a bad reputation for just trying to get the deal and get done with it, but with your company, I’ve been so pleased. I’ve told all my other colleagues that I work with what a great experience I’ve had with CompHealth. You’ve really helped me and led me in terms of what I needed to do, what I should look for, and the steps of the process, which is great.” - Dr. Michael Magee, hospitalist, found a job through CompHealth

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Negotiation support

“CompHealth handles negotiations and placement with speed and professionalism. They anticipate what will be needed and are very proactive.” - Dr. Maximilian Jameson-Lee, medical oncology/hematology, works locum tenens assignments with CompHealth

An ongoing relationship

“I’ve worked with CompHealth on and off for years. They have an excellent relationship with me. My recruiter goes overboard in looking for assignments to my liking and is very prompt with all aspects of the work.” - Dr. Sarah Gatumu, psychiatry, works locum tenens assignments with CompHealth

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A lighter mental load

“My CompHealth rep has found outstanding workplaces for me, helped with credentialing, and kept me up to date with assignments. Resolved all problems.” - Dr. Thomas Mutton, general surgery, works locum tenens assignments with CompHealth

Quote from Dr. Thomas Mutton about working with CompHealth

“The search was a lot more efficient because CompHealth had contacts at the different hospitals and understood what I was looking for and what I wanted for my career, what type of schedule I wanted, and what type of salary was I looking for. It allowed me to decide right off the bat, ‘No, this is not something I’m interested in.’ I think it made the process a lot more efficient in terms of figuring out what I wanted and how to go about getting it.” - Dr. Mike Gross, hospitalist, found a job through CompHealth

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