Add Locum Tenens to Your Staffing Strategy to Combat the Consequences of Physician Burnout

September 21st, 2011 1 Min read Add Locum Tenens to Your Staffing Strategy to Combat the Consequences of Physician Burnout Blog
Survey data released recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association show that over half of the internal medicine resident physicians surveyed experience job dissatisfaction due to high levels of burnout, stress, depersonalization and an overall low quality of life. The consequences of this were discussed in an article by Health Leaders Media last week. Medical errors, subpar patient care and overall patient dissatisfaction can often be tied directly to physician burnout; a problem not just unique to resident physicians. These issues, if not tempered, can negatively affect a facility's reputation. These are serious consequences that can be reduced or mitigated by re-examining staffing strategy and considering the use of locum tenens. As a top company to work for in America, CompHealth understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance and ensuring high employee satisfaction is a key strategic priority for our organization. Our healthy, happy employees are more productive and produce better outcomes - both in work quality and quantity. The same goes for any working professional, including physicians.   Utilizing locum tenens to supplement and strengthen your staffing strategy is a smart way to ensure that your staff physicians are able to perform at an ideal capacity. They are immediate, cost-effective resources who can help you meet your goals of high patient satisfaction and a strong reputation for quality in your community - while at the same time showing your staff that you value them as long-term assets by providing them with an opportunity to work AND live life to the fullest.