Hands-on Job Interview Goes to the Extreme for One Doctor

May 30th, 2013 1 Min read Hands-on Job Interview Goes to the Extreme for One Doctor Blog
CompHealth consultant Linda JacovinoMeet Linda Jacovino, senior sales consultant in CompHealth's permanent placement division, who works in our Norwalk, Conn., office. Every day, Linda matches physicians to their dream jobs around the country. This is a fun little story* about a particularly spot-on match that she made. When endocrinologist Dr. Jonathan Castro agreed to interview with a medical group in New York, he had no idea how much his skills were going to be put to the test. The interview seemed to be going well when suddenly loud shouts and cries for help indicated that things in the room next door were not. Without hesitation, Dr. Castro leapt from his chair, abandoned the interview, and rushed to see what he could do. He found a young intern struggling to stabilize a patient in diabetic seizure. Dr. Castro quickly helped stabilize the patient until he could be treated and released. "What's inspiring is that the practice needed an endocrinologist...so Dr. Castro was in the right place at the right time and delivered exactly the expertise they needed," Linda says. "Without a second thought, he stepped up and did what he was trained to do." Needless to say, the good doctor was offered the job. And though he didn't end up taking it, it's still a good story. Readers, what was the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you on a job interview? Please share by leaving a comment below. *Adapted from an article written by Charly Larcabal for CHG Healthcare Services.