Permanent or Travel Healthcare Jobs: What's Your Preference?

July 29th, 2012 3 Min read Permanent or Travel Healthcare Jobs: What's Your Preference? Blog
Choosing a location, facility, and position may depend on your skill set and experience. Deciding to take a permanent position or a travel assignment, however, may depend more on your lifestyle. If you are aware of all the choices available to you in your career, you can be more certain that you’ve made the right decision.

Permanent placement

Permanent healthcare jobs are the most common type of job providers seek, at well over 90%. They provide stability and security for providers and their families. However, finding the right permanent position can be difficult. Job searches take time and selling yourself may not be your area of expertise.

A CompHealth representative dedicated to your specialty can help market you for you.

  • Saves you the time and energy of conducting your own job search
  • Accesses jobs nationwide that are never posted and are hard to find on your own
  • Presents options you may have not considered including travel and government opportunities
  • Negotiates with employers on your behalf to get you the best pay rates and work schedules for your needs
  • Helps you update your resume or CV, prepare for interviews and more

You can partner with a permanent placement consultant who will do all the work to locate the jobs that best fit your lifestyle and career goals. Your consultant will also assist you with interview strategiescontract negotiation, and even relocation to your new area.

Temporary travel assignments and locum tenens

If you have career goals that don’t include settling down in a permanent job, travel healthcare, or locum tenens for physicians, might be for you. Travel jobs offer many benefits that healthcare providers might be unaware of, including paid housing andmalpractice coverage. Allied healthcare providers also receive day-one medical benefits offered by CompHealth.

Some healthcare providers take travel assignments prior to securing their next permanent position. Some to fill a gap between residency and fellowship. And others to make some extra money by moonlighting.

Did you know that many choose the travel lifestyle as their long-term career? Career travelers benefit from many perks unique to travel healthcare.

  • Strong desire to build recurring relationships in many communities
  • Exposure to diverse practice styles and to find their favorites
  • Opportunity to work with a variety of equipment and technologies
  • Ability to set their own work schedule throughout the year
  • Relief from administrative hassles and politics

Most importantly, healthcare providers who work travel assignments are free to focus exclusively on patient care. Many extend their assignments or take repeat assignments because they’ve built great relationships with the local staff and patients.

Locum tenens vs. travelers. What’s the difference?

Locum tenens refers mainly to physicians working temporary assignments. Locum tenens are independent contractors and are not employees of CompHealth.

Travelers are all healthcare providers other than physicians, and specializing in the allied health fields. These providers become temporary CompHealth employees and enjoy all related benefits of full-time staff.

Temp-to-perm option

You may find your next permanent job working in a temporary assignment. You can avoid the stress of changing jobs by trying a facility before you commit. And if the job is the right fit for you, a working interview may be the best way to turn it into a permanent position.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent position, a travel assignment, or a temporary job that has permanent potential, an expert CompHealth representative can help you find it. Contact us today.