VIDEO: The Benefits of Working Locum Tenens Early in Your Career

May 6th, 2015 1 Min read VIDEO: The Benefits of Working Locum Tenens Early in Your Career Blog
There are a variety of reasons physicians choose to work locum tenens. For facial plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Harmych, working locum tenens assignments provided him the flexibility he needed to set up his practice while maintaining a good work/life balance. “Even with young children, locum tenens allows me to balance the family life between the work life,” Dr. Harmych says. “CompHealth has been very flexible in working with the clients on the other end to have that flexibility to arrange assignments around family gatherings.” In this video, Dr. Harmych shares his experiences with locum tenens assignments, including:
  • Using locum tenens after residency
  • Balancing a medical career with family life
  • What physicians should know about locum tenens
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Elizabeth Cornwall

Elizabeth Cornwall

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