VIDEO: What Types of Practice Settings do Locum Tenens Work In?

March 16th, 2016 1 Min read VIDEO: What Types of Practice Settings do Locum Tenens Work In? Blog
[su_youtube url=""] Dr. Tina Passalaris has been working locum tenens for many years and has experienced a variety of practice settings. “The very first assignment I had was with a solo practitioner, which is, as we know the dinosaur of medicine,” says Passalaris. “This was a lovely, one-physician medical oncology practice. He had a very good nurse practitioner and a team of nurses working for him. I was impressed how the staff knew everybody on such a personal level. That is not something you find in a large University practice where secretaries and nurses are pretty much coming and going all the time so you don't have that personalized touch.”

“I’ve also worked in big University hospitals that needed extra help, and big state hospitals and I’ve also worked with government hospitals. Each one has its own way of practicing and there are advantages and disadvantages to every practice type.”

Locums allows physicians to experience situations they may never otherwise see or even know about. This exposure expands their knowledge of both practicing medicine and interacting with different types of patients. Some practice settings for locum tenens jobs are:
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Private practices
  • VA health facilities
  • Rehab centers
  • Surgical centers
  • Emergency care
CompHealth has a wide variety of jobs in different states and settings. To view current job openings check out our job page.


Chad Saley

Chad Saley

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