Volunteer Health Professionals Still Needed for Sandy Relief

November 7th, 2012 0 Min read Volunteer Health Professionals Still Needed for Sandy Relief Blog
Ten states, 5,400 disaster workers, more than 23,000 medical and emotional support workers, and yet the need continues. With a new Nor'easter on the way, people impacted by Hurricane Sandy are bracing for even more adverse conditions. What can the healthcare industry do to help? The Greater New York Red Cross is calling for more credentialed medical workers, who can volunteer by visiting their website or emailing healthservices@nyredcross.org. The cold, wet weather is the largest concern, with people being forced to stay in homes without power or inadequately protected from the elements. Other concerns include hunger and dehydration. Medical relief response has come from many places, like Doctors Without Borders, or this Mobile, Alabama-based medical response team. However, healthcare professionals based in the regions affected are ideal, since they can mobilize quickly and be on call in case of additional disaster-level relief needs.