Hospital Setting Feeling Impact of NPs and PAs

June 5th, 2012 1 Min read Hospital Setting Feeling Impact of NPs and PAs Blog
Our trusted partner and PA consultant, Lisa Shock, recently penned an article for Advance for NPs & PAs about the growing use of advanced practitioners in the hospital setting. As the demand for these professions grows in general, studies are showing that they can be particularly effective in outpatient and inpatient roles. Lisa writes: "It is logical to extend care with these skilled healthcare providers, who can perform procedures, prescribe medications, order tests, refer to specialists when appropriate and take call. Hospitals of all sizes are realizing that incorporating NPs and PAs into their teams improves both cost effectiveness and patient access to care." The CDC recently published a report that showed outpatient visits with PAs or APNs (advanced practice nurses) as the only attending provider increased by 50 percent from 2000-2009. But what about inpatient settings? Lisa had several suggestions: "Many hospitals use one of the following strategies, or a combination:
  • Have NPs and PAs work much like other hospitalists in the practice
  • Have NPs and PAs admit and carry their own patient caseloads
  • Use NPs and PAs as chronic disease and healthcare quality experts"
You can read the entire article in the June issue of Advance for NPs & PAs, or read it online here. Check out Lisa's CompHealth blog posts on advanced practice utilization at her author page.