7 Must-Read Rehab Therapist Stories

September 16th, 2016 4 Min read 7 Must-Read Rehab Therapist Stories Blog
Every year, National Rehab Week (Sept. 18 – 24) celebrates the important role therapists play in the health and wellness of patients. In honor of the week, here are seven of our favorite therapy stories:

ClaireTraveling Speech Language Pathologist Learns on the Road

Claire has always been interested in language learning and language development, so it's no surprise she became a speech language pathologist. When she began traveling a couple years ago, she drew upon a special source: her mother. Claire's mom was a traveling nurse in her youth and Claire always hoped to follow in her footsteps. Read more about Claire’s travel experiences in this therapist spotlight.  

IMG_6503After Seven Years, a Physical Therapist Says Goodbye to Traveling

We love getting thank-you letters from our therapists! After seven years as a traveling physical therapist, Jess Visintainer decided to take a permanent job. Here’s what she said to her recruiter about her experience as a traveler.  

Therapist Quiz: Where Should You Work Your Next Gig?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a state out there just waiting to make your work and personal dreams come true? Take this fun quiz to find where your next gig should be.  

GraduationNew Grads: Your Guide to Getting the Right Therapy Job

Getting a job right after graduation can feel overwhelming and you have a lot of decisions to make that will impact your career down the road. This guide will help you navigate the job search process and find your ideal position.  

Reinhardt2Meet Maegan: Skydiver, Hiker and Traveling Therapist

Maegan is a hiker, skydiver and traveling therapist. She’s been traveling full time since 2014 and has traveled all over from Maryland to Florida and Louisiana. Find out how travel assignments have given Maegan the opportunity explore the country and gain experience in a variety of settings.  

Stephanie Farber ResizedReigniting Your Passions through Travel Occupational Therapy Jobs

Stephanie knew she needed a change in her occupational therapist career. At her previous job, she was working long hours for little compensation and she didn’t have time to do things she loved. Her colleague worked for CompHealth and suggested she give the staffing company a call. In less than a week, she had picked out her first assignment. Find out how working with CompHealth has given her more time to play music, practice on a softball team, and travel the country.  

Travel PTInfographic: 15 Reasons PTs Should Try Travel Assignments

From earning more money and traveling the country to impacting patients’ lives, there are a variety of reason therapists choose to work travel assignments. We narrowed down the top 15 reasons our therapists say they love traveling with CompHealth. Find out what they are in this infographic. Want to earn money while exploring the country? Check out the open therapy jobs at CompHealth.