My Traveling Physical Therapist Story - Peyton Kelly

September 23rd, 2013 1 Min read My Traveling Physical Therapist Story - Peyton Kelly Blog
peyton-kelly-traveling-therapyA few years ago, one of Peyton Kelly's friends recommended that she try a traveling physical therapy assignment with CompHealth. "The main reason I chose CompHealth over other travel companies was my recruiter," Peyton says. "She is full of energy, reliable, and fun to work with. I have worked with her throughout my two years with CompHealth." Her first assignment was in Enterprise, Oregon. "There is not one single traffic light in the entire county," Peyton recalls. "Talk about a change -- I moved there from Baltimore, Maryland!" At first, Peyton felt out of place in the rural area, but she quickly fell in love with the community, the hospital, and small towns in general. "The hospital I worked at was great," she says. "We served the county and did it all -- outpatient, inpatient, home health. I've had a chance to return for a visit, and it was wonderful seeing my friends out there again." Peyton continues to travel because she loves trying new things and exploring new places, and the relationships she's made have played a big role in her life. "The people I have met along the way have hands down made my travels completely worth it," she says. "Simply put, there are good people everywhere." Peyton has since worked in California, Washington, Colorado, and Maine. She loves experiencing all the fun things these states have to offer. Most days, she can be found hiking, working out, or going to a wine tasting. Wherever she is, her goal is to step out of her comfort zone and make some lifelong memories. See all current physical therapy job openings.